Vision Y26 - 2021/22 -35% discount

Soodushind 746,00 € Tavahind 1 148,00 €
Igakuine makse ESTO järelmaksuga €24.13. Liisi järelmaksu saab valida ostu vormistamisel.



Sobilik lohe erinevates sõidu tingimustes, sobib nii Frrestyle, Wave kui ka Freeride surfiks. 

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The Vision Y26 provides a versatile, easy to use, responsive, and predictable kite that will allow an effortless progression in all disciplines. The overall turning speed and movement throughout the window identify this kite as a fast yet respectful machine, able to lead you to the apex of your progression, whether is about freestyle, wave or simply stylish freeride. The direct feel on the bar together with its consistent power and stability will make you feel totally in control and linked to the kite in zero time. Overall, the Vision Y26  is top choice to simplify your life by having one kite that can do it all, all without effort.