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soodne alustaja purjelaua mast FEATURES Made in Europe out of the best quality pre-preg carbon Toray T700 and T800, our masts offer an incredibly high reflex response. Designed with a progressive constant curve, our masts are not only ideally suited to RRD sails, but also fit the majority of other brands. NEW “feather tip” layup – By reducing the weight by nearly 20% in the top section of the mast, we were not only able to save nearly 10% overall weight, but more significantly bring the centre of gravity down, multiplying that saving even further, and giving an incredible light feel without compromising our famous durability. NEW Plexiglass protection – A customised Plexiglass tape not only adds Italian style, but also provides additional protection to the bottom section of the mast, where the majority of the abuse occurs. NEW Virtual IMCS – Through thorough testing we found that although IMCS ratings (stiffness) are equal in different carbon contents, the feel on the water is not the same. We therefore developed our own Virtual IMCS, that makes small modifications to the stiffness of the mast depending on the carbon %. The result means that no matter what your budget, you know you will get the perfect performance from our sails. FIREWING PRO – A stand alone program designed specifically around our cammed Firewing sail. The lightest mast possible with absolutely zero compromise. CAD cut layups and stripped back to pure carbon with nothing else added for the ultimate in gram savings. Not for use in waves, but unbeatable in the Firewing. DYNAMIC PRO –100% carbon, with an additional Autoclave process to give the ultimate performance in everything from waves to racing. Available in SDM and RDM. DYNAMIC – 80% carbon. Optimised for light weight and durability. Available in SDM and RDM. AVANT – 60% carbon. Top level performance at an affordable price. Available in SDM and RDM. FLOW – 35% carbon and EPX collection. Only available in RDM. Getting more people on the water and having fun. webpage http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/equipment/windsurf/rig-components/mast-collection/