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Hüdrofoil purjelaud plus hüdrofoil sooduspakkumine H-FIRE 91 WINDFOIL / LIGHTWIND SLALOM Welcome to the future… We are proud to introduce you our first windsurf foil board in collection: The RRD H-fire 91. Windfoiling is the latest and most exciting trend in windsurfing which makes you finally enjoy those light wind days and have proper fun in marginal conditions. With only 7/8 knots you will be flying over the water and cover distances that you could have only dreamed of. The H-FIRE 91 was developed in collaboration with Antoine Albeau and is designed to be used with sail sizes from 5.0 square meters and up. The board is 236 x 91cms of width, with a very wide tail area that makes it easy to get up on the foil and control it. The 236cms length will make your learning process an easy one and will become extra functional once you will try your first jibes. The board is very handy when foiling at high speed when you need maximum control during touch downs and works well also for a standard fin ride. Specifically designed with a FOIL FIN BOX to hold the strong forces generated from the hydrofoil mast, the sail and rider; the H-Fire 91 has all the features for a great foiling experience at any level. Features – Wide Tail and Deck Shape for an easy ride while in the air or in the water – Specific Hydrofoil resistant Deep Tuttle Fin Box, also usable with standard fins – Full Pad for maximum comfort and grip all over the stepping area – Middle Carry Handle for an easier transport to the water Technology EPS / Wood deck and bottom sandwich / Biaxial Glass 160 grams on deck and bottom / Custom made technology finish website http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/equipment/windsurf/boards/h-fire-91/ FREERIDE ALUMINUM HYDROFOIL It’s the newest and latest developed Hydrofoil for a freeride use. The WH FLIGHT ALU 85 has his highest performance in lightwind conditions, it allows to enter in the water with 7-8 knots and is extremely easy and fast. Made with an 85cm long mast which is assembled with a dedicated plate with Tuttlebox inserts or alternatively a plate with Powerbox inserts which avoids from box cracking. This means that this Hydrofoil can fit on every type of board, there’s no need to have a specific foil box. The 120 cm long Fuselage allows an earlier take off and a longer full height flight even when the wind gets lighter. You can foil with ease for longer distances, having a better control and find your desired trim even with gusty wind. Jibing will be a lot easier and smoother and the upwind performance will be greatly improved. The hybrid carbon wings, 80 cm in the front and 38cm the rear, are the best compromise in terms of lightwind and top speed. All in all, this is the most advanced and easy to ride foil on the market today. FEATURES 5 separable pieces: mast, plate, fuselage, front and rear wings Equipped with a special plate which avoids from board cracking (the plate is available with both TuttleBox inserts and Powerbox inserts) 85 cm ALU mast for a no compromise full flight the 120cm long ALU fuselage allows the earliest take off and longest flight and ease (also available the 110 cm and 100 cm fuselage as optionals) 80 cm hybrid carbon front wing for maximum lightwind performance and 38 cm rear wings Comes standard with bag, manual and basic tools. TECHNOLOGY The WH Flight 85 ALU is easy to transport and to assemble. 5 separable pieces that perfectly fits together avoiding any movement or twist during the flight! You just need 5 minutes to set it and get ready for your take off. No need of having a specific foil box. Thanks to it’s dedicated plate with collar pushes onto the area around the fin you can use it one every type of board without any risk of box cracking. The plate is available with TuttleBox inserts as well as with Powerbox inserts (no need of having a foil box). This is the most innovative system available on the market today. Saving time and space, once you are on the beach you need only one board, the hydrofoil and the sail to opt for a foil or standard freeride session. website http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/equipment/wh-flight-alu-hydrofoil-85/

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