Gold Wing Y28 2023/2024

2 199,00 €
Igakuine makse ESTO järelmaksuga €68.23. Liisi järelmaksu saab valida ostu vormistamisel.



An exclusive wing that offers no compromises. The ALUULA® is an extra rigid and light fabric which increases the level of performance.
With this wing you’ll feel impressive stiffness that makes you take off earlier and greater pull in your hands to go faster and jump higher.
You will be surprised when you try it and will quickly notice the increased power it generates. The Gold Wing uses the same design and outline as the Wind Wing. Where the Gold Wing really excels is in lighter wind as you can really appreciate its impressive power and light feel. We decided to make the range available from 4.0 to 7.2 meters to exploit its maximum potential. The Gold Wing excels across all disciplines from racing, to wave riding and freestyle.