Global Bar V8 - 4 LINES - 35% soodsam

Tavahind: 513,00 €

Erihind: 333,00 €

Saadavus: Laos

Saadavus: Laos

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Kõigile RRD 4 liinilistele lohedele sobiv poom, No need to ‘change any game’ with the release of our 8th version of the RRD Global Bar. Because of the great history of performance, we have kept our new version simple, reliable, and packed with the same great features of the previous versions. But with the V8, we now take another step forward with new components and redesigned parts. Simplicity is our mission. We remove any unnecessary items, instead of adding them, to make every component more functional. Simply said : ”you cannot break what does not exist”. 3) We have the following new features on the RRD Global Bar V8; 1) Rotating chicken loop, that acts as a swivel, to easily untwist your front lines 2) Our new simplified safety system flags the kite on the front line which makes the kite de-power 100% in case you need it. 3) Standard equipped with a short leash (approx.. 50cm or 20”) to attach on the front of your harness. 4) Optional: thicker and longer leash specifically for the handle passing riders 4) STANDARD FEATURES; * A moulded chicken loop finger that has a multiple pre-set position rotor head which allows you to move the finger to any desired position. It’s very easy to move it out of the way for riders that like to un-hook. *Our double chamber de-power rope with safety line is made of high quality indestructible polyurethane which makes the bar slide easy and you will never have to replace it. *CNC milled and anodised aluminium central bar component with oversized oval recesses to improve de-power tube sliding; even during some extreme steering. *The length of the de-power rope can be adjusted with the de-power stopper EVA float. *Test-winning diameter of the bar tube for the best grip. *Moulded stainless steel safety leash double ring, angled to a position that facilitates safety leash attachment. *Customized stainless steel de-power rope cleat designed around the double chamber tube, allowing the security line to slide freely. *Moulded floating side caps injected with high memory EVA which facilitates a better bar grip and increased safety. *Oversized color coded side floaters that guarantee the floatation of the bar and easy rolling of the flying lines with line-locking system. By simply pushing up or down the EVA float you can trim the de-power rope length according to the length of your arms or depending on the conditions you are *Chicken loop safety release system with oversized handle and increased sliding potential of all components to secure an effective functionality over the years. This is the safety release system in the market with the least amount of steel components, meaning longer lifetime and less maintenance. kiting in. This stopper ball is a handy feature for people with shorter arms or for specific tricks like the dead-man. This can also be used to make the kite more stable in light wind, which is useful for school. You have the option to use the Velcro loop on the de-power cord to prevent the cord from flapping around when the kite is de-powered We obviously still deliver you the bar with the exclusive RRD Rigid thread lines. Thhese lines are made with using the most recent fibers and an innovative production process. Not only are the lines easier to untwist, but mostimportantly, they don't stretch!

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