RRD LONGSUP LTD V1 -35% soodsam

Soodushind 1 235,00 € Tavahind 1 900,00 €
Igakuine makse ESTO järelmaksuga €48.12. Liisi järelmaksu saab valida ostu vormistamisel.
Aerusurfi laud mõeldud surfamiseks nii lainetel kui siledas vees LONGBOARD This is a fantastic board for our longboarding surf fans that have converted over to SUP! The rails on the “RRD LONG SUP” are really low, enabling you to bury them without bobbing in and out of the water, and the scoop under the nose gives control when nose riding. We are offering this board in two technologies (LTD & WOOD), and in three different sizes: 9’0”x 28”x37/8” – 107 LTS 9’4”x 29”x41/4” – 126 LTS 9’8”x 30”x41/2” – 143 LTS Suitable to be used as a thruster in big and fast wave conditions or as a single fin in small and fun waves. Perform some nose tricks, enjoy its great gliding feel and steal the show with this timeless longboard look. Technology LTD – WOOD webpage http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/equipment/sup-surf/composite-boards/longsup-v1/